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11/11/20 -Tonight completed 7 1/2 hours of ritual in 3 days and one of the deepest immersions I’ve ever taken. When women gather... it’s potent. And it feels like home.

The message that kept coming forth was “have confidence”. Confidence comes from the Latin words- con fidere, which mean “with trust.” Trust in yourself. Trust that you know the way. That everything you need is already within.

In confidence I released a lot of fear, and blockages. I banished silence & self doubt. As I spoke these releases out loud to all of my sisters in circle my voice trembled which always takes me by surprise. But after felt a deep sense of relief.

From here the push to move forward is too great to ignore. Even if my voice trembles. Even if my hands shake. I will continue to move forward. ⚔️


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