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Awakening NY

Carissa's Slow Flow Yoga class at Awakening is just that: a slow motion potion that's an antidote for our fast paced society. We take the time to linger in poses, transition mindfully, breath deeper, connect & explore alignment from the ground up. Options are given in many poses so that you can find what’s suitable for your ever changing practice. Her focus is to create classes that are fluid, functional, & are always a bit mystical with a healthy heaping of magic.

Slow Flow Yoga

Tuesday & Friday Mornings | 9:30 am 

Awakening NY 35 Front Street Port Jervis NY 12771


Private Sessions

Private yoga sessions are designed around your needs and abilities. We'll take some time to explore your specific body mechanics, alignments/misalignments, and talk about any goals you hope to work towards. Then you can expect an hour long session tailored towards those clearly defined needs and goals and homework to work on when you leave. You have the ability to schedule a time that fits into your life and learn valuable tools that can be incorporated into your day to day life. A true investment into your overall mind, body, and spiritual health. I also work with larger groups for events or momentous occasions. 

1-2 humans- $75 

3-5 humans- $115

Larger Groups? Events? Let's talk! 

*Class package pricing available upon request

I discovered the transformative power of yoga 24 years ago and haven't looked back since. My diverse background in various yoga styles, including Hatha, Vinyasa, and Iyengar, have shaped into the passionate and versatile teacher I am today.

My main desire is to create meaningful experiences on the mat, I infuse my classes with fluidity and functionality. Rather than simply leading a routine workout, my hope is to invite students to embark on a journey within themselves connecting to Source. My aim is to create a deep dive into the realms of body, mind, and spirit, where each breath becomes a meditation and each movement a prayer.

Join me on the mat and experience the transformative power of yoga for yourself in a class that goes beyond the physical, leaving you feeling empowered, inspired, and deeply connected to your true self.

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