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Tarot is my intuitive tool to hold a spiritual conversation. It can be a wonderful tool for healing, and to bring clarity, understanding and answers we already know deep down inside. I don’t believe in "predicting the future", but know that Tarot can help to change your feelings about the present.  It can guide you to your truest needs and desires. It will aid in balancing the light and the shadow of the universe and illuminate our path. Let's take this journey together.

All readings are done virtually through Zoom, or via Email until further notice. Book a reading for some guidance and support through this time of change and uncertainty. This goes without words, but all readings are held with the upmost in confidentiality. You can choose a reading by email, or by a live zoom call together below. I look forward to working with you. *details for Booking will be sent when clicking the  "Book Now" link. 

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theEmpress Read


The Empress Reading is small but 

mighty. This 3 card read will shed 

light on what's holding our 

creativity back & how to move past the blockage. Creativity not 

only applies to artistic endeavors, but also creativity in the workplace, home life, or in relationships. A 

picture of this spread will be mailed with the reading in text for you to refer back to whenever needed.


Personal Email

Your own personal tarot reading via email will contain guidance, insight, clarity and wisdom created just for you. Photos of your reading will be included. You can look back on your read anytime you want!



15 Minute Zoom

Spend a deep dive via an in person Zoom call exploring a traditional and transformative Celtic Cross spread reading.



30 minute Zoom

Spend an extended deep dive via an in person Zoom call exploring a Traditional and transformative Celtic Cross spread reading & 1 Oracle card pull.   


Connecting with the Earth its seasons and the Moon and its cycles creates the space for us to to carve out time in our lives for the sacred space needed to take care of ourselves. My goal is to help to demystify the concept of ritual, to implement the incredible power of ceremony into everyday life through awakening, consistency, and mindfulness. Whether it's the seasons, equinox's, or the cycles of the moon that have your interest, I want to help you learn how to manifest with the power of Ritual and live your most resilient and inspired life.

If you're interested in booking a group ritual for new or full moon, reach out!

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