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Inhale, exhale... and once again

“There will always be people who misunderstand you. Some of those people are the ones we need + love the most. People who have created an identity or story around who you’re supposed to be. People who need time to mourn the death of their own creation.” I’ve been working with the idea of letting go of the person others think I should be. Releasing guilt, understanding that guilt represents me living MY life according to other people’s expectations of how I’m supposed to be or behave. Recognizing that I am who I am. Not who they think I am. Not who they want me to be. I will no longer spend another day, week, month over analyzing situations, justifying what could have/should have happened... or how/why things may have fallen apart. To detach from needing to be understood. Acknowledging that who and what will be in my life will reveal itself,,, just as who and what shouldn’t be in my life will depart. & that I will always choose to love, and am deserving of love. #knowyourworth

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