Growing up in the woods of Pennsylvania, my youth was spent barefoot with a wild pack of neighborhood boys. It was during these days my deep love and respect of nature was imprinted on my very bones. Mother Nature was my spiritual home, a sacred place of solace, a connection to Source that influences much of my teaching, vocabulary and love of the esoteric today.

Yoga found me during my senior year of high school, furthering my connection to Source and Self. After 8 years and countless hours of Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden VHS and DVD education, my first real life teacher appeared  and eventually guided me through my inaugural Hatha teacher training in 2007.

I've been practicing yoga for 22 years now, and in that time I've had the privilege of learning from and training with many teachers of various disciplines of Yoga. From the heavily alignment based structure of Iyengar, to the watery goodness of  Vinyasa, to the quiet introspection of Yin. I am grateful to each discipline, each teacher, each lesson in each season of my life as they have molded me into the teacher I am today.

My hope for classes are to not only advance students' personal asana practice but to root into Yoga's foundational principles. I hope to encourage each individual to personally observe how these principles still translate and apply to our everyday lives. My focus is to create classes that are fluid, functional, and fun and are always a bit mystical with a healthy heaping of magic. I tailor my classes delve into the possibilities of Self and to practice yoga as a deep dive experience rather than a routine work out.

When I'm not teaching Yoga, you can still find my inner wild child traipsing through the woods, floating the waters, or exploring the mountains on foot or bike. I also have a deep love for astrology, for the moon, and love hosting Ritual. I've been reading Tarot professionally for over 6 years. I'm continually astounded by the many ways in which the Universe speaks to us when we are open to listen. I'm grateful that the Universe brought you here to me, and  I hope to connect with you soon.